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Client Complaints


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All complaints from service users, other service providers, donors and other community members about Canadian Mental Health Association, Simcoe County Branch will receive a respectful and timely response in keeping with the procedure outlined below. When possible, that response indicates changes that will occur or reason(s) why changes cannot occur.



The complaints procedure is available to service users and the public.


If a person submits a complaint, the person may continue to access services of Canadian Mental Health Association - Barrie-Simcoe during the investigation. If the person prefers not to receive service from Canadian Mental Health Association - Barrie-Simcoe, the investigating manager will discuss with the person a referral to another organization or program that meets his/her needs.


Person With Complaint


1.      Attempt to settle issue quickly and simply by discussion with Canadian Mental Health Association - Barrie-Simcoe worker with whom the complainant has direct contact.


2.      If it is preferred not to discuss the issue with this person or if not satisfied with the response, Please attempt to connect with respective management staff before deciding to lodge a formal complaint. If management staff is able to resolve the current complaint, then he/she will prepare and send a report to the CEO.  If management staff in unable to resolve the issue then a formal complaint may be lodged.


Formal Complaint – Step One


Person With Complaint


1.      Submit details of complaint (in writing, by phone or in person) to the Executive Director. If the complaint is by telephone, the Executive Director will document the complaint for presentation to the complainant who will be asked to confirm that the written report is accurate.


Executive Director


1.      Upon receiving formal complaint, assign a management staff to investigate the issue.

2.      Within two working days provide the complainant with the name and phone number of the investigating management staff, and details of the complaints procedure.

3.      For each formal complaint lodged, complete Complaint Information Form.


Investigating By Management Staff


1.      Complete the investigation and provide written response to the complainant as soon as possible and no longer than four weeks.

2.      If more than two weeks is required to complete the investigation, provide the complainant with an update on the status of the investigation.


Person With Complaint


If not satisfied with the response, lodge a complaint with the President of the CANADIAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION, BARRIE-SIMCOE BRANCH Board of Directors.


Formal Complaint – Step Two


Person with Complaint


Submit a written explanation of source of dissatisfaction to the President of the Board of Directors within four weeks of receiving written results of the investigation by management staff.


Chair of Board of Directors


Refer complaint to the Board’s Executive Committee.


Executive Committee


Review complaint at next Committee meeting.

Provide complainant with written decision within six weeks of meeting.