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Client Satisfaction


Overall 2013 CMHA Client Survey Results

At CMHA Simcoe County, we believe in providing services that are needed and valued by clients. As such, we regularly assess the extent to which clients are satisfied with services. We provide multiple opportunities for clients and family members to provide feedback, be that through surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews.Client surveys were distributed and collected across all programs between March 14, 2013 and April 30, 2013. A total of 188 surveys were returned. Client satisfaction was assessed using a modified version of the Ontario Perception of Care Tool for Mental Health and Addiction (OPOC-MHA). The survey that was administered at CMHA Simcoe County Branch was based on the piloted version of the OPOC-MHA and included the addition of four satisfaction questions, along with a reduced set of demographic questions and a reduced number of questions related to residential stays. As shown to the right, overall client satisfaction increased slightly as compared to the 2011 Survey. Client Satisfaction was also very high across all of the satisfaction domains that were assessed using the OPOC-MHA. The figures show the percentage of clients who responded positively to each of the questions that were posed.

Clients are generally very satisfied with accessing our services. We could be doing more to ensure clients are receiving adequate information about our programs and services and, so, will be working toward this over this next year.

Clients are generally very satisfied with our services. Clients of some programs indicated that they did not receive clear information about medications. We will do more to ensure clients receive, or are directed to sources of, medication information.

Clients are generally very satisfied with our service environment. As reflected in the quote, adequate space is an ongoing concern as we continue to support more and more individuals from our communities. Where possible, we hope to expand our space over the coming years to meet the growing demand.

As reflected in the survey results, we try very hard to ensure that clients are respected and fully involved in their care planning. One area of improvement relates to better informing clients about our complaint process. Although satisfaction is very high, we can always improve, and so we want to ensure that complaints are received, heard, and addressed. As a first step, we are posting our complaint process on our website. We, along with clients, have also recently developed a Client Statement of Rights that will demonstrate our commitment to exceptional service. We encourage you to read that statement here.

One of our greatest strengths as an organization is our compassionate and skilled staff. We are glad to see that clients are very happy with staff. Our staff satisfaction is also very high, which contributes to the great care being provided. That said, we continue to provide staff with educational opportunities that further enhance their clinical skills, improve cultural competency, and reinforce a client-centred approach of respect, recovery, and harm reduction.

Clients who access our services also occasionally need support through our Crisis or Transitional Beds. Those who accessed our beds show a high level of satisfaction, but do suggest a need for more free time activities. Staff of these programs will implement more activities over the coming year.

As shown to the left, clients are very satisfied with how our staff and services have helped them in dealing with their life’s challenges. Clients did express some concerns with discharge planning and referrals, however. In these cases, dissatisfaction appears to be from clients of our longer term programs, where discharge planning may not be regularly discussed. Still, to address this concern, we hope to have staff of these programs include some discussion of discharge and service referrals as appropriate.  

Overall, client satisfaction is very high. As shown below, ratings of general satisfaction statements range between 95 and 98 percent. We take great pride in knowing that clients are satisfied with the services we provide.  We will continue to strive toward exceptional service quality as that is what our clients deserve.

Additional Feedback

Clients were also asked to respond to two open-ended questions: 1) What did you find helpful about the service you received?, and 2) What would you improve about the service you received? Regarding what was helpful about our services, clients primarily commented on the support and understanding they received from staff, also highlighting staff friendliness, compassion, knowledge, and professionalism. Clients also considered the range of services and activities offered as being very helpful. Some specific comments included:

·         My worker has helped me in so many ways, has been there any time I’ve needed someone to talk to

·         There are many services that are helpful and productive

·         Helped me access other services in the community.

·         After researching treatment options in Toronto I found the process of finding help through CMHA more efficient, direct, and quick.

·         I was provided with clean, safe, comfortable residential housing …This accommodation helped me to maintain my sobriety while being housed.

·         I found that it was a relaxing environment after having a very stressful time.

·         Saved my life

·         Found the service extremely helpful and appreciate this service very much. Thanks to you for being here and offering this service.

Regarding what they would improve about our services, the majority of clients shared that they were very satisfied and did not see much need for improvement. Still, some clients noted wanting more activity options (e.g., outings) and more services such as peer support. A small number of clients also felt that we should shorten our waiting list and provide a smoother transition between staff when there is staff turnover. Some specific comments included:

·         Maybe a little more games to play but overall the service I received was awesome

·         The only problem I had was the long waiting lists.

·         There service, environment, and counsellors were amazing! Peaceful, serenity, hope, support, understanding are all gifts I was given here. Thank-you! The only thing I would improve is the need for a longer stay on the individuals needs in crisis. Although, I am so thankful that this program was available to me.

·         Need more parking that is free. A bigger reception area.

·         It is great in all aspects of treatment. Great people, warm feeling, and feel welcomed.

·         I wouldn’t really improve anything.

·         Don’t change your staff. You open up, then everything is taken away

·         The only thing I can say is that I wish I found this help sooner (but that is through no fault of CMHA).

·         I was very satisfied with the services provided to me.

·         Nothing. I could not have asked for more immediate attention and support. My counsellor saved my life in more ways than one!

If you are currently accessing our services, or have done so in the past, and would like to provide feedback, please click here to complete a satisfaction survey. If you have a complaint and would like to know more about our complaint process, please click here.