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Community Fundraiser-10 Year Celebration

In 2020 my client Melissa Bullen lost her battle to mental health.

I’d be lying if I said my mental health wasn’t deteriorating since opening my business. Entrepreneurship although rewarding requires a mental toughness that at times is hard to keep. To be honest the pandemic made it even worse to stay strong. I have been very open about that. There are not enough resources available to people who need help!

I thought about throwing a big celebration but to be honest the thought of that felt overwhelming and not good. So that is EXACTLY why I am doing this.

Having lost more than one person to suicide in my life I wanted to do something in support of mental health because there ARE NOT enough resources available.

Instead of throwing a 10 year celebration Washington House Salon is raising money to benefit the CANADIAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF SIMCOE COUNTY! ANY donation will help make an impact.

The decline in mental health since 2020 is alarming and we NEED to do something about it! Please help us raise $10,000 to donate to the Canadian Mental Health Association of Simcoe County so these resources can continue to exist for the people who need it most! This Money will be donated in honour of Melissa Bullen.

Thank you for your years of support to Washington House Salon! It has truly meant the world to me. And thank you for donating to this cause

~Cecile Washington

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