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Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA)

CMHA Simcoe County Branch has entered into a Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) with Ontario Health for the 2023-24 fiscal year. The M-SAA is an accountability agreement that delineates accountabilities and performance expectations. They bring into one document various contractual agreements between the Community Health Service Providers (HSPs) and Ontario Health.

Within the Schedules of the M-SAA between CMHA Simcoe County Branch and Ontario Health, a range of services to be provided by CMHA Simcoe County Branch is comprehensively outlined. These services are organized into Functional Centres for streamlining reporting and management.

Each of these service categories adheres to discipline-specific standards, aimed at ensuring the delivery of services that are both high in quality and cost-effective.

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