ARE YOU IN CRISIS? Please call the Crisis helpline:  1-888-893-8333

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Crisis Services

Local 705-728-5044     * Toll-Free 1-888-893-8333 

If you are in crisis and looking for support, we can help –  the Crisis Line is  available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Crisis Services offers 24hr telephone support to assist individuals, community agencies, and emergency services – to work through the resolution of identified issues and challenges.  Our team is comprised of mental health and addiction professionals, who are trained in suicide intervention, and who can help to promote stabilization pre and post-crisis, explore and develop coping strategies, and provide support and recommendations to internal and external ongoing mental health and addiction resources.  The team can assist with service navigation, and provide information about resources available in the community.

For individuals under the age of 16 years, options for available youth services can be provided as needed.

Crisis Services can provide face-to-face support in the community for situations that may require a more direct response.  This is assessed and coordinated by the team and can be explored by contacting the Crisis Line directly.

*The Crisis Line is confidential, except when imminent risks are identified and there is a need for emergency service or further intervention*

Our Partners:

Barrie City Police

South Simcoe Police

Orillia OPP

To inquire about or make a referral to our COAST services please contact the crisis line (1-888-893-8333  or  705-728-5044).  Referrals are assessed and facilitated by the crisis team.

*For immediate emergency response, please contact 911*

Our Partner:

Orillia OPP

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