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Consumption and treatment service sites offer wraparound supports

While consumption and treatment services may be known for ensuring safer drug use
practices and preventing overdose, it’s important to know that these sites also serve as
pathways to treatment and wraparound supports.
When properly established, these sites and services connect people to social services
like housing, employment assistance and food banks, and connect individuals who need
it to primary care services. They also create a space for people to connect with staff and
peers, which can help a person moderate their drug use and decide to pursue
CTS supports help individuals address underlying issues related to their substance use
disorders. Research shows that CTS can be the first step into treatment for some
people as it is a safe space where individuals who use drugs know they will be treated
with respect.
The Canadian Mental Health Association, Simcoe County Branch, has received
approval from Health Canada for an application to permit a CTS in Barrie, and have
been waiting more than 20 months on approval from the Ministry of Health to proceed.
This CTS application is part of the Simcoe Muskoka Opioid Strategy (SMOS), which
includes pillars in Treatment, Prevention, Harm Reduction, Enforcement and
Emergency Management, as well as Data and Evaluation and Lived Experience. The
Prevention Pillar continues to be active in activities to address root causes of substance
use to prevent the onset. Details of all SMOS activities, and progress updates can be
found on the website

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