ARE YOU IN CRISIS? Please call the Crisis helpline:  1-888-893-8333

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Crisis Services

Crisis Phone Line


Local 705-728-5044     * Toll-Free 1-888-893-8333  

    • 24/7 support for individuals, agencies and emergencies

    • Experts in mental health, addiction and suicide intervention

    • Help with stability, coping and resources

    • Navigation aid and community info

    • Youth options for under 16 years of age

    • In-person help if needed, coordinated through Crisis Line

    • Confidential Crisis Line, except for emergencies

*The Crisis Line is confidential, except when imminent risks are identified and there is a need for emergency service or further intervention

Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST)

Partnered with Barrie City Police, South Simcoe Police, and Orillia OPP, our COAST services can be accessed by contacting our crisis line at 1-888-893-8333 or 705-728-5044. COAST teams, comprising mental health, addiction experts, and police, respond to 911 mental health calls, providing support, resources, and crisis intervention. COAST engages in Community Collaborate and Situation Tables, offers follow-ups on referrals, and collaborates with community providers. Please note, COAST operates on rotating shifts and is not available 24/7. In immediate emergencies, dial 911.

Crisis Bed Unit

We have 5 Crisis Beds, including one for Police referrals. Begin by contacting our crisis line for an initial risk assessment and in-person eligibility check. Our goal-focused Crisis Bed admissions are brief. Our facility offers comprehensive mental health and addiction support, referrals, and crisis planning. The Crisis Aftercare and Recovery (CARE) program provides ongoing care. These beds are for ages 16+, and Police referrals are available 24/7 via our crisis line.

Crisis Call Diversion Unit

In partnership with Orillia OPP This service is utilized within the Provincial Communications Centre with Orillia OPP and is not accessible to the community. The CCD unit provides support and intervention regarding mental health and/or addiction calls coming through 911.

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