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Our Leadership Team

We have a very dedicated Board of Directors who governs the agency with commitment and integrity. There are three committees of the Board that also meet regularly including Finance, Governance, and Quality, Risk and Asset Management. Find out more

Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Valerie Grdisa | EM@IL

Chief Operating Officer-Finance and Human Resources: Christina Liikane | EM@IL

Director of Clinical ServicesDr. Jennifer Fillingham |EM@IL

Director of Clinical Services: Lynne Cheliak |EM@IL

Director of Community Engagement and Inclusivity -Peer Support and RSVP: Aleta Armstrong |EM@IL

Director of People and Culture: Peter Treacy |EM@IL

Director of Quality, Risk and Corporate Performance: Miae Kim |EM@IL

Programs Management

Addiction Services / Opioid Treatment Program: Meredith Fryia | EM@IL

Barrie Assertive Community Treatment Team: Shelbie Drury | EM@IL

Case Management: Theresa Gaudet | EM@IL

Crisis Services: Kerry Dault | EM@IL

Early Psychosis Intervention and Youth Services: Percy Larbi | EM@IL

Safety, Security and Facilities: Sheri Scaini | EM@IL

Family Health Team: Val Johnston | EM@IL

Family Mental Health Initiative: Tara Maxwell | EM@IL

Human Services Justice System / Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Program: Debbie Bigelow| EM@IL

Information Technology Operations and Cybersecurity: Parthiv Patel | EM@IL

North Simcoe Assertive Community Treatment Team: Dianne Mowat | EM@IL

Fundraising, Volunteers and Communications: Liz Grummett | EM@IL Lynne Raimondi | EM@IL

Case Management / Homelessness Initiative: Lori Howcroft | EM@IL

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