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Withdrawal Management

Community Withdrawal Management Services (CWMS)

CWMS is an outpatient withdrawal management program for individuals 16 years of age and older who would like to withdraw from alcohol or other drugs (including a physician-directed taper) without attending residential withdrawal management services (WMS) (ie. detox), and anticipate mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. While it is ideal as a planned process, if you are currently inactive withdrawal, you can still be screened for eligibility and receive immediate support and guidance.

This program is short term, depending on the substance (approx. 4 weeks), offered Monday to Friday and involves planning for the withdrawal process, daily symptom monitoring with the counsellor for the first 5-10 days, exploring strategies for symptom management, and referrals on to other 1:1 or group addiction supports if needed.

CWMS is a non-medical program; certain physical or mental health symptoms may make it unsafe to withdraw in the community and the counsellor will support referrals to non-medical residential WMS or medical WMS. There may be a need to connect with a family doctor, nurse practitioner or a community clinic for medication support.

CWMS does not have a physician or nurse practitioner connected to the program. It is helpful to have one but not required to participate.

Goals may include abstinence or various levels of harm reduction (eg moderation) and are determined by you.

Please contact CWMS staff directly @ (705) 726-5033 ext. 319 for more information.

Mobile Withdrawal Management Services (MWMS)

MWMS is a collaborative program offered by CMHA Simcoe County Branch, CMHA Muskoka Parry Sound and Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin. It operates with a holistic approach to support individuals to withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs without having to attend a residential withdrawal management centre (ie. detox)

The program provides support for 30 days, 7 days a week

To be eligible, you must:

            Be 16yrs or older

            Have a safe place to stay during the program (home, friend or family’s home, shelter)

            Have physical and mental health symptoms managed

            Anticipate no complex withdrawal (eg. high risk of seizure)

            Have a support person (18+) available for at least the first 5-7 days

            Live in the County of Simcoe (north of hwy 89) or District of Muskoka

Individuals will complete a telephone intake and a face-to-face assessment in the residence, followed by a virtual medical assessment. You can expect daily face-to-face visits and daily virtual support during acute withdrawal (approx. 5-10 days), with a frequency of contact slowly reducing over the remainder of 30 days. Virtual support is provided on the weekends.

The program is staffed by a counsellor, a nurse and a peer support worker. You will meet with the nurse practitioner who completes the medical assessment and may provide supporting medications such as anti-craving medications, medications for symptom management, or vitamins.

To self refer, call the central referral line at 705-721-9554

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