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Telemedicine/Virtual Care

Connecting People and Care

Our goal is simple – we want to move health care forward by ensuring every Ontarian has easy access to the best health care where and when they need it.

Virtual care makes accessing health care more convenient, minimizes time spent travelling, and provides better support for people living with chronic disease. The result is better outcomes and less time spent away from the people and things that really matter.

Our Telemedicine/Virtual Care program has 2 Registered Nurses who are onsite and provide technical and nursing support during your appointment.

• There is no cost for accessing virtual care through our sites

• We support many types of virtual healthcare appointments (e.g.Neurology, Pediatrics and Oncology)

• We welcome all community residents to access virtual care through our sites (you don’t have to be actively accessing CMHA SCB programs to use our sites)

• Our Telemedicine coverage includes: Barrie, Collingwood, Innisfil, Midland, and Orillia

If you already have a healthcare provider offering virtual care and are interested in utilizing our Telemedicine site, kindly reach out for further details.


Karen Hunter RN BScN


Barrie, Midland, Collingwood & Orillia

Tina Brand-Lawson RN


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