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We know that families and friends of people struggling with mental health distress require support, information and skills to create an atmosphere of hope in which change and growth are possible. Our services aim to provide supportive counselling and group programming to families and friends of people experiencing a mental health issue. Our program staff are mental health professionals who also have either personal or family lived experience.

Family-Based Peer Support

This service is available for family members who have been directly impacted by a loved one’s mental health challenge, illness and/or substance use.

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Family Support Case Management

For family members, caregivers, friends and significant others of individuals who live with mental health concerns that may or may not be receiving services with this agency.

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Family Mental Health Initiative

Family Mental Health Initiative (FMHI) of Simcoe County has been providing education and support to family members and friends of persons experiencing mental health difficulties in Simcoe County. We provide education through community presentations, psycho-educational programs and printed material.

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Family and Friends of People Dealing with Addiction

We provide support, education and consultation for those concerned about the substance use of a family member or friend.

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Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

All clients and community partners of CMHA have access to Telemedicine. Telemedicine uses video cameras and monitors to connect clients to specialists who are not located near to them. This reduces travel time and expense for our clients. To access this service, ask your doctor or counsellor to set it up for you for your appointments. All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone.

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